Sunday, July 6, 2014

"Not that I'm trunky, but..."

Haha my companion Sister Oa from Samoa is super hilarious, she has 6 weeks left of her mission and everyday she starts a sentence with "Not that I'm trunky, but..." Haha. She really isn't though, she's awesome and works hard!
Shoot. So I remember going into my mission thinking it would be easier to wake up at 6:30am by the end. Never have I been so wrong. My body feels like lead. My brain doesn't work when it's supposed to, and also never shuts up when it should. What's happening to me??


Just like just like JUST got a phone call from the mission office confirming flight plans. What?? Am I leaving soon?..

Sis. Perry: "So just tell me what airport you will be flying to."
Sis. Chen: "Toronto Pearson.."
Sis. Perry: "Ok thank you. Now the next thing I want you to do is pretend this phone call never happened and go back to being a good missionary."

Haha finna not get trunks right now. Just watch me.

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