Wednesday, March 13, 2013



Dear people,

There's like this crazy time warp here, its like time is going by in dog years right now. I feel like I've been here FOREVER on account of there's a crap-ton of into shoved in my brain, I'm like a year wiser from last week. Anyway, I found out I leave on the 27th. The first two weeks are normal and the last is for visitors center training. I have TWO companions, Sister Roberts and Sister Tipton, both from Utah. Sister Roberts is hilarious. She is 20, and sister Tipton is 19. Yeah, I'm ancient here ..can you handle that?

On our first day, all the new missionaries went for a meeting. I forgot who spoke, it was probably the president of the MTC world, maybe. but he was like, "Now which of you elders have a girlfriend waiting for you back home?" and right when he said that this one elder shot his hand way up in the air. It was way funny and sweet. You probably had to be there, I dunno. 

But on my second day here my branch president gave me a calling right after metting me! I'm our branch's new Coordinating Sister,which means I'm in charge of the well-being of all the sisters in our branch. And I have to teach them stuff, like what the rules are. I'm basically called to be their mom, and I bet it has nothing to do with me being 22. Anyway, I'm kind of nervous because I'm not used to leadership roles, but that's also exactly why I'm glad I was called to do it. Also I get this sick binder. Legit. 

I kind of dig it here, not gonna lie. I'm way excited to get out there and get going, but right now I'm learning TONS and I am loving it.

The food here is the best. There's like fatty burgers and fries and stuff, errday! And hecka carbs! so good! ..Yeah it pretty much sucks. There's healthier choices too though, like salads and fruits and stuff. so that's good. And they've got these scrumptulecent chicken salad wraps. So, mom! Breathe.

Ok, we taught our first TRC investigator yesterday and it was one of the hardest things in life. She was this nice, quiet asian lady from Singapore and we thought it'd be easy. She's a computer programmer and wouldn't believe in God unless He appeared to her, and once we told her to pray she started yelling at us! She didn't even let us open with a prayer. She was like, "Your background, you believe all your life! You don't really believe! I have a different background, I don't want to pray. I want you to show me God. I want to see facts." Nothing we said did any good. If we even hinted at prayer she got super angry, I felt like she was going to kick us out! And when one of us would bear our testimonies, the spirit would be there, until she interrupted us to yell at us! I don't know if she was for real or is she was just way into character, but it definitely felt like a slap in the face for us. 

I wanted to cry, shoot!

Anyway, if you have advice then you should definitely dearelder me, like right now! If you don't have advice, you should dearelder me still. I mean, if you want. Its only free for so long. just sayin.

wait I remember this one sister who was like "Being a sister missionary is so mainstream now I don't want to do it anymore." It was funny. and the other night, Sister Roberts to everyone: "I'm praying don't talk to me."

Maybe you had to be there for both. 

Also I ran into a bunch of people from school, I'll post pics!

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  1. I miss you! Beautiful pics. All the best my love. x