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This just in: 

Sister Stefanie Chen can now email not only family members but EVERYBODY. In the words of the sister herself: "We found out on Sunday that missionaries can email anyone now. 2013 baby." EMAIL NOW at

And on to our story:

First of all, thank you Winnie for your letter and advice! It was so sweet and thoughtful, thanks so much!

I feel like WAY to much happens a day for me to sum up a week in one email.

Bruce R. McConkie's daughter wanted me to eat fruit because on sundays all they have is cereal for breakfast, so she gave me her orange. she INSISTED... so that was cool! She is married to Brother Pinegar, who is in our Branch Presidency. I have a pic with her, she is the tall one. We're tight.

Ok, I feel like there's something wrong with me. I keep having these laughing spells at the most inappropriate times! Like I think something's funny, but I try not to laugh or think about it and it makes me laugh even more, and then its game over. It happened at a fireside when we watched 
an MTC devo and Elder Bednar spoke. It was on a Christmas and it was actually way good. But in the beginning of it Sister Roberts said something freaking funny and I couldn't stop laughing, and it was the silent kind of laugh but I kept shaking and I couldn't stop! It got so bad! And she couldn't stop either.So I realized that I couldn't stop laughing on my own, and said a prayer because I actually really wanted to feel the spirit, and then I was fine. And at the end I told her about my prayer and she told me she did the same thing, hahaha. Its happened several times though, it sucks. 

There's a sister who moved in with us cause her whole zone left for Germany, and she's the only one going to Hawaii! Her name is Sister Spencer and she will be serving in the Laie Hawaii VC, German-speaking! Siiick. They paired her up with one of my companions, Sister Tipton, so now its just me and Sister Roberts. Worst idea ever. we are still cracking each other up! It is out of control. 

Well the Elders in my district are in the field now and we just started VC training this week! We went to Temple Square on wednesday and were given tours, and tomorrow we will be going back to GIVE the tours! I'm pretty nervous, but stoked. I met the other Oakland sisters as well. They're Spanish-speaking and dopegirlfreshes. I took hecka pics at the conference center and visitors center, and I know that all you people want to see are pics anyway.

I learned so much about being a visitors center sister these past few days. We teach people online, which sort of weirded me out, but now it WAYY doesn't! So far we've been trained to proselyte, so I thought it'd be weird to not teach people face-to-face, but it isn't weird at all. Some of these people are too shy to talk to missionaries in person and they are more comfortable opening up when they are in their element and on the computer. The spirit can touch two people even when they are miles and miles apart. Also, when you teach people online, its always a prime time somewhere in the world. meaning there is a prime time for teaching, because usually people are available after work and stuff. But when you are teaching online, you are CONSTANTLY teaching during the day-time to maybe more than one person at a time! The work has really been progressing because of this. So I will be chatting and teaching on the phone, giving tours, AND proselyting! best of all worlds! And it is all the same work. We chat in companionships, as we do with everything, and Sister Tipton and I chatted for the first time yesterday with this guy named James from London. I LOVE James! He was super interested and receptive and wanted to learn more, so we told him about the visitors center in England, in Hyde Park, and he said he would go tomorrow to take a tour and get a Book of Mormon. I mean, not every chat experience will be that sweet, but that one was sick. I am way excited. 

Oh, ok I forgot to talk about this.. the TRC investigator we taught was even scarier the second time, but we got through to her in the end. I elluded to prayer and she threw DOWN! She opened her can of .... and got out of her chair to yell at me and pointed her finger like an inch away from my face! It was terrifying! I wanted to cry, but I kept my composure. In the end I realized what she needed and ended up talking about the Plan of Salvation, and then she agreed to read the Book of Mormon! and it was within the last 5 minutes of ever seeing her again. so that was nice..

Ok these computers are timed and there's this one sister who is waiting and keeps looking over to see if I'm done. Hi sister. I know you're reading this.

Bye xxx

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