Thursday, May 9, 2013

2nd Transfer!

The thrio is still together.
Ok, I have a feeling I'll be training this next transfer. There will be an influx of missionaries, it is way possible! Shoot.

Ok, Sister Sia has been a dopegirlfresh this week. been saying some SUPER funny one liners. I've been quoting her in my planner + journal, but she won't let me quote her on my blog. But I understand, these quotes are not for the faint of heart/sense of humor(?). <--don't know how to phrase that. 

Ok, I forgot about something that used to BUG me until this past week. This is the conversation that happened in the Visitors Center:

Visitor: "And where are you from, Sister Chen?"
Me: "Canada"
Visitor: "oh, wow. How about you?"
Sister: "Utah"
Visitor: "Reeally?? Ok, Utah is a big place, so be more specific..."

But I'm not bitter....honestly though, I didn't realize this til then, but I don't specify where I'm from on purpose as a test to see if they really care. 
...But I'm not bitter!

Pics of my district, Sister Sia's bf, and Brian with his festive Cinco de Mayo lego tie. Brian loves lego.

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