Friday, May 24, 2013


Pics from last week's liquid nitrogen ice cream party! That's what happens when you have scientists in your ward who like to make food.
So the institute building is pretty sick, it's an old mansion with Joseph Smith in the fireplace. Honestly though, doesn't that look like Joseph Smith?
Also a pic of when we went tracting for a lil bit.
Also a pic Hilary's housewarming party! 

Next week one of our investigators is getting baptized! We started teaching Joseph right after this past General Conference. Joseph will be our first baptism in Berkeley, so stoked! Kangkai will be baptizing him, which is the best thing ever because he leaves for China at the end of the month. He gave an amazing talk in sacrament meeting yesterday. I love all of this!!!

Right now I'm trying not to use slang as a missionary. So that's what I'm dealing with right now..

Aight, finna leave.


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