Sunday, June 2, 2013

Joseph's Baptism!!!

We have been teaching Joseph for a month and a half, and he was just baptized on Sunday! By Kangkai!!! Which is like a double miracle (double rainbow what does it mean???). Kangkai goes back to China tomorrow, he will be such a good leader there.
Joseph is the first baptism I can say that I've actually been a part of. It is the most remarkable thing to be able to see someone's spirit change. This is why I came on a mission. This has been the best week ever.
We just got back from the temple, I did my first session here! It was great. Then our district went to Round Table for pizzazz. 
Also, zone conference happened last week. We had a training on what we should be eating, and we found out that we have now become a running mission. We run 3+ times a week, baby! We run this.
(yeah, I'm not really making sense today..)

Pics: Taco truck, Fentons (from UP!), Joseph's baptism!, Round Table

OOhhh! I went to the DMV for my written test last week. PASSED that mess.

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