Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cal Bear Adventures

Our friend Holly just got endowed and is getting ready to go to Japan in 3 weeks! So that's exciting. She's been coming out with us to lessons, she's super awesome!

So there's a fireside every second sunday of the month called Why I Believe, where recent converts give talks about their conversion and how they came to know the church was true. We signed Joseph up for it and he spoke on Sunday! It was awesome! Some members of the ward came to support him and we also brought two of our investigators, it was such a good day!

The last pic is me with the Cal Bear. We drive by it multiple times a day and always talk about taking pictures with it but then never do. But then we did, yesterday, so that's cool.

This past week was pretty crazy. I was senior comp! Near the end of the training I'm supposed to take the lead in everything, which I did, and that was pretty stressful because I didn't want it to suck. Which it didn't! So I'm pretty happy about that.

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