Sunday, June 23, 2013


Guess what! I passed my road test!! but no one cares.

Crazy stuff is happening. President called us into his office last week. I walked in, he asked how everything was, I said it was good. I totally did not expect this, but he told me that he wants me to train!!! In Danville (where is that??)! I've only been out for 3 months! Not only that, but I will be shotgunning. We will be the first sisters in that area. Not only that, but it will be full pros.! I won't be in the VC! This changes everything! the VC is all I know! Not only that, but I will be driving. Not only that, but I will be covering TWO WARDS!!!

So many changes! Everything about this next transfer is new to me. 

So, yes, transfers are happening and people are leaving and hecka sisters are coming in. 

Pics of Sister Anderson (leaving), view of the bay from Berkeley, Sister Cash with us on exchange (one of my MTC comps!), here, there..

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