Wednesday, January 22, 2014

If your companion loves you, she will say things like...

"I'm gonna kill you..."
"...I forgot to kill you last night."
"...This will be a good place to kill you."
"Where's the knife..."
Incredibly, we've never even have a real arguement. Not even a disagreement. No arguements. No disagreements. Only death threats...
What makes it funny is that she is still learning English and she's already coming up with hilarious stuff.
I went to the temple today. SO incredible. Pic from that is in Sis. Mitchell's camera, I'll post it next week.
Every Tuesday and Thursday we visit Sunrise seniors' centre and talk to the people with alzheimers there. Last week we didn't go to the alzheimer's place and just talked to the other people and did crosswords with them. The folks there are actually brilliant, we did an entire crossword in like less than 20 minutes. I aspire to be that wise and knowledgeable about random crap.
Pic of baby Peter peeking at us, so cute. Also we went to the Berthas' for dinner last week and little Kate gave us both a little present. She is so cute, I forgot to get a pic with her so I just got one of the box she gave me, where she wrote "There is a secret insiide." Ahh, cutie! There was a blank colouring page and some gum.
On sunday evening we had a local "Why I Believe" Fireside. Ususally there is one in Oakland every month, where recent converts give talks about their conversion, but this one was just for the Danville stake. The spirit is always super strong at those, I loved it so much. We has a less active and potential investogator show up, and they were both really glad they came. Ahh I love bring a missionary so much!
Be good, kids. Love you all.

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