Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I guess I like pickles now.

All my life I have hated them. They look disgusting. They smell disgusting. They float around in jars, like eyeballs. I ate one last week and had like the craziest 180 of my life!
Anyway, no one cares about that.
So other than my taste buds changing, Mount Diablo is on fire. It is ablaze as we speak. Sister Kwan has a blog too, she's titling her entry "The Hills Are Alive With the Smell of Fire."

She is hilarious. She says the most hilarious things in a monotone voice. At Target today, there was a shelf all of Nicolas Sparks books and was like, "Hey. It's like the continuing series of white people almost kissing each other.." in a super monotone voice. Anyway, maybe you had to be there.. but it made me LAUGH. SHOOT. I had to take a picture.
Last week the clouds looked super cool, I took a pic of those too.
So transfer calls just happened and it looks like we're staying in Danville! This will be my third transfer here. There is so much work to do here, so I'm glad we're staying! Also, I wonder when I'm going to go back to the Visitors' Center..

My companion who is still in Berkleley, Sister Sia, told me about a girl we were teaching who just recently got baptized! So happy for her. Her name is Elisa and she is awesome.
Hope everyone is doing well! Pray for missionary experiences!
Sista Chen

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