Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sorry so long time

So my new companion is AWESOME, her name is Sister Ierubwara and she is from an island in the south pacific called Kiribati. She is learning English and we are having so much fun!!

Serving here is HUGE, so many differences, so many culture shock moments everyday. I blows my mind the things that amaze/shock her, I love it. I took a pic of her praying, she is so cold here. The first time she saw a squirrel, she flipped! So feeding a pony was the highlight of her life. So was bowling. We went bowling with the Alamo sisters our first P-day, she killed it and it was her first time!
We had Zone conference this week, Sister Harris and I reunited, while Sister Mitchell crept.
Sister Harris's mom sent me a package with a whole bunch of Hawaiian stuff! Siick. I wanted to show off my spoils except I just now realize that's not the best picture of me.
I love everybody!!!

Oh! Also, the last pic is from Gordon's house, one of our investigators. He is now 55, been a fireman for 25 years! I thought that was cool.

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