Sunday, August 4, 2013

Training again. What? yeah, I have no idea...

So many changes are happening!

Transfers are this week. We found out on Wednesday that I will no longer be covering both Danville 1st and 2nd Ward, but just Danville 1st, and there will be another set of missionaries for Danville 2nd. Elders! Danville 1st has a LOT of work to do, we'll be finding like nobody's biz!
We also found out that Sister Harris and I will no longer be companions, but I will be training someone new, and So will Sister Harris! She's going to Northgate! She'll be a mom! and I'll be a grandma! She's only been out for 6 weeks, she isn't done with her own training! Crazy right?? This is from the email president sent out last week: "I have started working on transfers, and this is going to be a major effort from just about everyone. We have three missionaries who were new just two weeks ago, and at transfer we will get 31 permanent missionaries and 7 visa waiters. Then a couple of weeks later we will get three more. That is 44 missionaries. As if that weren't enough, by time those 44 are all here, we will have one half of our mission who have been out four transfers or less. Yes half the mission will be new missionaries."

Crazy right???? Hastening the work FOR REAL.

Two weeks ago we went to Brentwood to go peach picking with an investigator and her family. Cuties.

So our District Leader was on bike, and he ended up breaking his collar bone! In our last district meeting the zone leader patted his shoulder right when the picture was taking. Diabolical, but SO funny! Shoot.

Today we went up Mt. Diablo. You could see the smog from the top, pretty gross actually. But it was fun! 

I love you all! Keep sharing the gospel!

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