Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kangkai's Baptism!!

So whenever I look at a blank screen, my mind goes blank as well and I can never think of ANYTHING to write. That is happening right now. I just asked Sister Cooper if anything funny happened this week, and she said "No. Nobody laughed." with a super serious expression on her face, HECKA made me laugh! Haha.
Kangai got baptized yesterday! It was super awesome, he really wanted to bear his testimony after it even though he didn't have to, and it was SUPER beautiful. Def spirit bomb. Carter baptized him, he knows my cousin! And Sister Ni taught him, her brother knows my Toby! so many connections in one pic!
I like that I am in a trio actually, because we cover all the bases. Sister Cooper speaks Spanish.. Sister Sia speaks Cantonese and Mandarin.. I'm Canadian.... unbeatable combination! I'm not kidding though, it is funny how people look at my flag and talk about how much they love Canada! All I have to do is stand there and exist, and BAM conversation starter! I'm the only Canadian around, so no one can bite my steez now. They make me feel sicker than I really am. (If you don't understand my humour, I am kidding! I don't think I'm that cool.....)
Also, Sister Sia likes her face masks!!

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