Monday, April 22, 2013

Tearin' it UP in Berkeley. SHOOt.

This past week I went on exchanges for the first time! So fun. I am in a trio though, and I am yet to be the one being exchanged. But anyway, we had Sister Oa who is from Samoa and is super funny and awesome! And then we had Sister Hill, who was my companion for a bit in the MTC. She is my GIRL. We are always talking about serving in San Francisco together haha. She told me that when you're serving there, you have to introduce your companion as your "friend" or else people will think you're girlfriends, which makes me laugh because that so would be the case there!
San Francisco, 2014. Gonna be big.

This week was the living best. On top of our Visitors' Center shifts, we taught 11 lessons and now have a SUPER golden new investigator. He was referred to us from Nathan, who served back home in the Bayview Ward for a bit, which is ironic because now I am the missionary here and he is not. Anyway, his friend Curtis is a math major and is looking for basically everything that the church has! We gave him a Book of Mormon on Friday and on Sunday he was already halfway through 1 Nephi! And he loved church! Sveeeet. We snapped a pic with him, he's swaggin out the game. 

Last week we got us some BUNDT cakes. I capitalize BUNDT because I realized that is how I say it.. when you say it you have to throw down, just so you know. BUNDT cakes, [mang]. Anyway, they pretty much sing in your mouth. so good. lil too good...

I am getting to know the area better and I now know where to get the best pizza (Cheese Board) and THE best ice cream sammies (C.R.E.A.M. (Cookies Rule Everything Around Me)).

Just so you know, I am getting fat.

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